Turn ADHD Into Your Superpower

Imagine a world where you move at super-speed. What takes other people minutes to do, takes you only a few seconds. Where you are simultaneously solving multiple complex problems in your head while others are agonizing over which dress to wear. You can use your superpower to do more in one hour than most people do in a day.

This is no mere fantasy. It can become your reality, but only if you are diagnosed GIFTED with ADHD. I'm the host of the Faster Than Normal Podcast, the #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes. We've interviewed hundreds of celebrities, CEOs, politicians, and regular people, all of whom believe, like I do, that their ADHD is the key to their success.

Peter Shankman
Founder of HARO

Bestselling Author
Corporate Keynote Speaker

I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD more than 15 years ago.  But instead of treating it as a disability, I learned to use it to my advantage. 

Since then I’ve:
1) Built and sold three companies
2) Written four best-selling books
3) Spoken to corporations all over the world
4) Made almost daily TV appearances
5) Taught hundreds of thousands of people how to improve their personal and professional lives

All while being a loving father, great friend, and surprisingly happy guy! I’ve created countless tricks and hacks over the years that have enabled me to do all of this. I finally decided that it was time that I teach you how to do all of this yourself, and show you how to turn ADHD into your superpower.

The FTN Online Course is where I’ll share all my secrets with you.

Ready to Unlock Your Superpowers? 

How exactly will this course help you unlock your superpowers?

Good question. And I’m sure you’ll like the answers. I specifically designed Faster Than Normal to help you:

Embrace the speed of your brain & use it to your advantage

Your brain works faster than most people. That’s what makes you different. Most current approaches to living with ADHD involve fighting against it. Talk about a losing battle. Now you tell me, if your brain works faster than most people, why would you want to slow it down? Instead, learn how to start using your super-fast brain to your advantage. This is like learning to drive a high-end sports car: you'll not only learn how to avoid crashing it, you'll learn how to use it to win every race!

Discover your zone of genius

Batman has his bat-cave and Superman gets his power from the earth’s sun. Every superhero has a secret lair, a zone of genius where they do their best work. And your secret lair is all around you...but you just can’t see it yet. I will teach you how to tap into your zone of genius, a place where you operate at your best.  A place that you can step into to cut out all the noise and distraction of the modern world.

Turn your ideas into your greatest accomplishments

You know how you can 100% intend to do something, but forget about it 30 seconds later?

How you have so many great ideas in your head, but feel like you can’t accomplish anything?

No more! I will show you the exact systems and strategies I used to build and sell multiple companies and write best-selling books, and teach you how you can transform your ideas into greatness. These strategies are designed specifically for brain like yours. 

Yes! I want to develop my ADHD superpowers!

What You Will Learn:

  • MODULE 1
  • MODULE 2
  • MODULE 3
  • MODULE 4

How To Use ADD/ADHD To Your Advantage

Your brain can do more in an hour than most people do in a day - but, just like you need to learn how to drive a sports car, you need to learn how to drive your faster than normal brain.

In the first module we'll talk about:

  • How ADD/ADHD works
  • How can removal of choice help you achieve more?
  • How to make use of automation, goal setting, environment planning, and more. 
  • Eleven lessons with actionable tips that you can incorporate into your daily life to be able to run faster than normal.

What's Included In The Course:

38 fast-paced video lessons for faster than normal brains

Learn how to capitalize on your faster than normal brain in less than 5 mins a day. No poking around, each lesson goes straight to the point and is packed with proven tips and tricks.

Actionable exercise for each lesson

Every lesson is accompanied by an actionable exercise that have one single goal - turn the theory into action and actions into daily habits that will help you tap into your ADHD superpowers and live happier life.

Supportive Membership Community Of People Like You

Get access to our private Faster Than Normal group where you can mingle with like-minded people, gifted with ADHD.

Direct access to Peter Shankman

He's been featured on FOX News, he's interviewed Seth Godin, and now he will be available to you as a community advisor.

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What Others Are Saying About The Power of ADHD:

Seth Godin
(Yes, THAT Seth Godin)

"There is nothing defective about people who have ADHD. We’re not broken  -we’re differently skilled. And we need to embrace the difference and figure out how to use it to our advantage."

John Lee Dumas
Founder of EntrepreneurOnFire

John credits his ADHD for being able to found an award-winning 7-figure podcast EOFire and ultimately live the life he always wanted, moving his family to Puerto Rico.

Rachel Cotton
Immunology PhD Candidate at Harvard

Having a faster brain really DOES mean you can do anything, even handling projects that require massive amounts of focus. (You know, like getting your PhD at Harvard!)

Let's Rock!


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  • Supportive Membership Community Of People Like You!
  • Direct Access To Peter Shankman


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Remember - if you're feeling misunderstood, it’s because you're a superhero too.
You just don’t know
it yet!